Call for smear and sabotage weeks 3-16 February 2020

New year, same shit.

Gentrification is reflected in the cityscape and also affects a large number of people: while many left-wing projects are struggling to preserve it, shopping centers and office-buildings are being built on every corner. While housing is converted into airbnb or co-living spaces, the previous residents end up on the street.

At the same time, from 10-12 February, „around 400 top decision-makers“ from the real estate industry will meet at the QUO VADIS Real Estate Congress. For 3,000 euros per ticket, they want to discuss new investment strategies at a Networking-Buffet. So about how you can squeeze every penny out of all those who are pulling the strings in the patriachal class society this year.
Present are not only the spokespersons of the largest real estate companies, but also politicians like Christian Lindner (Liberals). So it is a Meet&Greet of those neoliberal hypocrites who stand for the sell-out of our city and make our beautiful life impossible.

We call on all those who no longer want to accept this shit to take back the space and attack actors of displacement through creative smear and sabotage actions. The whole week before and after the QUO VADIS.

We want ALL to stay!
Stop speculation, renting, displacement, here and everywhere!
Abolish rent and ownership!

Berlin Interkiezionale January 2020

Poster templates:
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